BIS service queries [HELP]


Ancient Heart
Mumbai / Banglore
I live in Bombay and I want to know how good is Airtel BIS and how much speed in KB denomination are experienced by users? If possible along with the Location and 3G/2G speeds. -Do they charge additionally if I download an attachment on What's App / BBM / watch Youtube video provided I don't have any unlimited plan active but mere BIS(BBM+Email) active?Queries regarding Airtel 3G:-any additional charge is required to activate/use 3G?-how much difference in speed and usage?-does the call drop problem in airtel only when 3G is activated still exists?-does 3G offers better range than 2G in any terms?Sorry for hugh list of questions I just didn't know any better way to ask and spammers please don't reply just go away.

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