anybody here interested in buying a VPN?

new delhi
so i use excitel and its riddled with packet loss. the only way to get around this is to use a VPN before playing games. this way i dont get any loss.
now i have been using touchvpn for some time as it is free but it has privacy issues. so i have thought about buying a premium vpn.

usually premium vpns allow multiple devices to be connected at the same so we can share it thus reducing the total cost.

i was watching this channel on youtube -

-- video removed --

guys looks genuine and his method of reviewing is also good.
he has ranked torguard vpn as number 1 and airvpn as number 2.

so based on this ranking i have thought about trying these vpns.

if anybody is interest in a vpn, please let me know.

assuming a vpn allows 7-10 devices at the same time, we can effectively have 5 guys, each with 2 devices . this will drastically reduce our cost to something like 50rs a month.

torguard works with netflix if you want to watch usa catalogue. i feel like this is a very small price to pay for something that offers a wide variety of features.
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new delhi
he has cleared in his video about his earning. pretty much every vpn reviewer is paid by vpn companies to rate their vpns high. this guy earns through affiliate links and the way torguard works is that you can get 50% off buy just entering a discount code that you can get from anywhere. you can use this guys discount code or any other.

but anyways this post is about people who are interested in getting a vpn.


AirVPN doesn't have servers in India (closest is Singapore). If you are looking to get rid of packet loss without adding too much to latency go for a provider with servers in Delhi like PIA, IPVanish or PersonalVPN.


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If the issue is packet loss how is a VPN going to help? It's going to drop packets to the VPN as well, I mean unless its selectively dropping packets.


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I've Business Plans with NordVPN, Zenmate and 1-2 VPN Providers more.

If anyone willing to share NordVPN or Zenmate with me, let me know. We can discuss more.

P.S.: NordVPN is not just VPN. It's more than a VPN and hardcore users understands this. ;)

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