airtel delhi broadband disconnecting frequently?


hello friends
i am facing a big problem with my airtel broadband please help . my connections breaks very frequently ie 5-10 minutes can anybody suggest what to do thank you

Statistics -- ADSL

Mode:G.DMT Type:Fast Line Coding:Trellis On Status:No Defect Link Power State:L0 DownstreamUpstreamSNR Margin (dB):30.2 24.0 Attenuation (dB):16.0 5.0 Output Power (dBm):17.3 12.5 Attainable Rate (Kbps):11328 1152 Rate (Kbps):2560 512 K (number of bytes in DMT frame):81 17 R (number of check bytes in RS code word):0 0 S (RS code word size in DMT frame):1 1 D (interleaver depth):0 0 Delay (msec):0 0 Super Frames:11209 11207 Super Frame Errors:0 0 RS Words:0 0 RS Correctable Errors:0 0 RS Uncorrectable Errors:0 N/A HEC Errors:0 0 OCD Errors:0 0 LCD Errors:0 0 Total Cells:1150709 0 Data Cells:10208 0 Bit Errors:0 0 Total ES:0 0 Total SES:0 0 Total UAS:66 0
im facing the same problem. heres a screenshot (i must say that i dont understand the data contained in it):

and it doesnt break every five-ten minutes but whenever azureus is running and i open a website.


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The SNR is too low. Try these steps:

1. Download the new firmware: Beetel 220BX Firmware Version 3.04L.01.A2pB021c.d16m(1.79MB) and extract the file.

2. Login to the modem using the link in my previous post. Navigate to Management>Update Software ....browse to the file you extracted, hit 'update' and wait. The modem will reboot once the process finishes.

3. Click on the 'DSL' tab in the left pane (re-login if required). See if the settings match those in this screenshot:

4. Management>Save/Reboot.

See if this helps. Also check if the SNR has improved or not.
hey! thanks a lot for the reply. i did as you said and snr downstream has gone up from 6 to 25.8. i dont exactly know what this means but looks like you have just fixed something for me. i'll just browse and download stuff and see the effects :)
thanks a lot.

here's the new screenshot --