Cheap net connectivity in Tamil Nadu


Internet connection @ Salem, Tamil Nadu I would like to know the best options available to get internet connection at my home in Salem , tamilnadu. We don't have landline at home but just have prepaid BSNL connection. Looking for cheap internet connection if possible without taking landline connection (ZERO rental schemes will also do). Kindly let me know the options available. We will be sparingly using the net.


US Broadband rox!
Airtel Broadband - 512 Kbps NU (India) + Comcast 50 Mbps
Well rahu in case you will be using the net very less then you go for BSNL landline (BFone + Dataone Broadband) Well for BFone with only incoming calls the plan charge is Rs.99/month and Dataone the cheapest plan is Rs.250/month with 1GB download limit with speeds upto 2Mbps. So a total of Rs.350 - Rs.500 can be estimated per month. Your initial installation charges would be Rs.2000 for Modem if ur purchasing it (Its better to purchase rather than rent a modem). Right now there is an acute shortage in the supply of modems for BSNL connections. If Airtel is there in Salem then u can approach their office and get details or simply log on to and check tariffs. But if ur using less and do not require a seperate landline then BSNL is good for u. Hope that served you some info.. :DCheers,Amuthan