beware of cheap quality ADSL splitters on ebay

Sidharth P

Hello everyone
So I brought an ADSL splitter since the old one broke. I brought one for Rs.70 since that's the only one on eBay rest are same thing but more expensive. I have to tell everyone about this. Don't buy cheapo ADSL splitter since they are very bad . It decreased by snr from 35 to 27 and increased line attenuation from 16.0 to 20.5 just by connecting this. Phone line worked fine but ADSL sucked when this was connected. I decided to open the thing and found cheapest kind of circuit inside it 1 resistor and 1 capacitor that's it . My older splitter had 2 transformers and 5 capacitors and a lot of resistor that will filter ADSL much better than this. This does not even weigh 10grams on other hand the older one the one I got with router weighed at least 25grams. So lesson is that don't buy rs70 splitters from eBay get a better one for 200-300 it will last much longer