mini lyrics


review of 'minilyrics'
its a small software that i downloaded and started using few days automatically downloads lyrics for the songs you are listening to and displays them (similar to movie subtitle not just text)
The best part about it is that it is delightfully silent and does not make its presence felt.
it works in tandem with one of the media players .. .winamp, windows media pplayer and others. it executes itself automatically when you open one of the media players on ur pc.
it can me made to resemble winamp/wmp/itunes etc

but this is how i like it

look at right hand side , top of the pic. the text in blue colour are the lyrics of the song i am listening to.
to get the lyrics to appear that way i removed the skin and made the background colour of its window match the colour of the bar behind it.( you can lift the colour directly from anywhere on the screen)

the lyrics are perfectly synchronized and displays the exact text that is being sung in the song at that time. in my experience it has a pretty huge database of songs but don't expect it to come up with lyrics for hindi songs.:p. the lyrics can be made to appear as movie subtitles or scroll horizontally or you can even have each word highlighted as it is being sung!

minilyrics is not freeware but you can use it without paying for as long as you want. it sometimes displays a small text reminder from time to time. but otherwise it contains no advertisements of any sort. it usually downloads the lyrics files inside its program files installation but you have the option to save the lyrics inside the mp3 files itself. (lyrics file is approx 5kb so don't worry about bandwidth)

anyway it is too small a program to write a full blown review of, so check it out yourself. and leave your experiences here .



tR0ll bUg
looks like a really cool little software!! i think i have heard about this software beofre but never tried it. i'll try it soon now. thanks! :)