DC++ hub in Kalyan, Vasai (In2Net, VCOM & VPCL-Vasai Cable)


Hello Friends,

This is Akash Patil from Kalyan.
All kalyan users are hereby informed that they can use DC++ i.e HUB.
Also, VCPL - Vasai Cable net users can also connect and get good speed from this hub.
Speed will depend on ISP. If ISP is same you will get good speed while downloading.

Primary Hub

HUB NAME :- DholCutz <----- Always Active
Hub Address:- dholcutz.net

HUB NAME :- ¨‘°º©º•MاT WÅÑT€Ð•º®º°‘¨ <----- Seldom
Hub Address :- mostwanted-mumbai.no-ip.org

Secondary Hubs


Secondary hubs are not monitor by me.

To connect to hub follow simple steps below:-
1 . Download DC++
2 . Set your nick, Add your data to share on hub (As share limit is there to enter hub).
3. Once you done with above press "CTRL + Q" and paste hub address in Quick connect dialogue box.
4. Done :);)

If you are facing problem while connecting to hub or while downloading not getting speed contact me on following e-mail id:
1. apatil@acesw.com
2. akash_patil2007@yahoo.co.in
3. akash_patil@india.com

Note : Primary hub is monitored by me and my friend if you have issue regarding connecting Most wanted hub you can contact me on above mentioned email address. Other hubs are Online hubs hosted by others we are using it just in case if most wanted hub is down.
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