Pay more to watch Dish TV in Metro Cities

Dish TV launches differential pricing for metro cities |
Dish TV has announced the implementation of differential pricing for its subscribers in the four key metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata. As per the plan, all pack prices, for new as well as existing subscribers of Dish TV, would be increased by Rs 10 each in the four cities. Meanwhile, customers in these places will be provided additional services like express call centre queues and express service facilities.
Dish TV CEO RC Venkateish had said, “We are planning to introduce differential pricing for metro markets to start with.” His rationale was that if cable could do so, Dish TV could too. “We have already done that with Zing. In Maharashtra, the pack price is Rs 189, while in Odisha it is Rs 175. We have proved that we can execute differential pricing,” he had said.
What if someone purchase Dish TV in small town and later move to Metro city, or vice-versa...

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