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Parking crisis in Delhi: Supreme Court issues detailed directions

Ensure that all the pavements, in the residential areas are cleared from all encroachments and ensure that the pavements are made usable by pedestrians.
Persons who have encroached upon the pavements shall be given notice of 15 days to remove the encroachment and in case they fail to do so, the encroachment shall be removed by the municipal authority/authority concerned at the cost of the encroacher which shall be recovered as arrears of land revenue. The authorities may also consider framing rules to discontinue municipal services to repeat encroachers.
Ensure that while granting permission to build any structures, there is a proper assessment of the parking needs for the next 25 years and requisite parking facilities are available.
The Government of NCT of Delhi, the municipal authorities and the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority are directed to consider the viability and effectiveness of introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, parking guidance and information systems and last mile connectivity from parking spaces to commercial areas, institutions etc. and submit a report in this behalf by September 30, 2019.