MTNL Delhi Frequent net disconnect disconnects


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MTNL Delhi
I have a problem of frequent Internet disconnect from the day i purchased mtnl broadband connection (about 25 days).. The problem is net disconnects then automatically connects and these are all random..does it the problem of mtnl router..i have 1mbps up connection and given binatone DM 856W router..should i purchase a new adsl one. I have also connected a TP-Link router with one 50 meter lan to extend the range. There is no ip conflict between those i changed it to different ones.. Is this problem of DNS in delhi..I am totally confused where the problem lies, as i am very less often near that binatone modem observing the lights.

One of the thing i noticed is that sometime typing the binatone modem ip address on browser doesn't open the configuration page, though i can access tp-link page with its ip. the internet connection is running fine those time and disconnect could occur in between..the only way to get back binatone configuration page is to restart it.

Plz help me with this weird and confusing situation.