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taken from the less often :evil : read terms and conditions

9.The service charge is payable in advance and is non-refundable. All taxes, duties, charges or any other levies of any nature whatsoever, payable for the services shall be payable by the customer in addition to the service charges.

10.SIFY will put in its best efforts and strive to maintain the maximum possible uptime of the Service. However SIFY will not be responsible for downtime of Service due to reasons beyond its control.

11.The Customer also acknowledges and accepts that in the very nature of the services to be provided there can be number of factors affecting the provision of the service by SIFY and the obligation of SIFY to provide the services shall be on best endeavour basis

12. SIFY shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss, expense or damage of any kind in connection with the performance of its obligations under this contract or arising from disruption, interruption, suspension or malfunction of the Service, for whatsoever reason except when there is deliberate failure or breach on the part of SIFY.

36.For enhanced security, the Sify Broadband User ID as chosen by the user at the time of registration, the IP Address and the MAC address (unique for each LAN Card) will be tied to each other. This means that a User ID can be used only from that user’s PC and IP address allocated to the user. However, it is possible for the user to have multiple user ids, with different service plans from the same PC.


speed package month price
128 kbps# Night Unlimited 1 400
128 kbps# Night Unlimited 2 775
128 kbps# Night Unlimited 6 2250
# Night (9.00pm - 9.00am). Daytime usage (9.00am - 9.00pm) not allowed.
Use of the above packs for cyber cafes or commercial purposes not allowed
128 kbps New! Unlimited 1 500
128 kbps New! Unlimited 2 950
128 kbps New! Unlimited 6 2600

For all Unlimited packs, if usage exceeds more than 150 MB in a given day, then there will be a reduction in validity of one day for every 150 MB of extra usage in that day.NOT FOR CYBERCAFE USE.


i hope people are more aware now ...

this is AS IT IS ON SIFY's SITE . nothing has been toyed with . let see sify_officer comment on this :p


wow...after lookin at Mr X's post i thought where did the unlimited 40Kbps,48, 64 and 96kbps accounts go....on checkin at Sifys site, they have indeed removed all accounts other than 128Kbps unlimited ones..... looks like they are going to make some new packs available soon.

This is for Mumbai , although thru my client i can renew 48, 64, 96 pack accounts they have finally removed 40 speed packs.