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Are there any users making use of the "free" email accounts that come with BSNL BB? BSNL recently "upgraded" their mail servers to something called XGen to convert what was a quick, hassle-free mail service to something that does not work. I have been having problems from day one connecting to it through Thunderbird and Window Live. They did get it right for sometime in-between, but as of about a week ago, access is completely cut-off. I have tried all possible settings (they give multiple conflicting server addresses) but am unable to connect. Writing to support is useless, as for any other technical help. In this case they wanted me to load teamviewer on my computer and give them full access to them - this is not possible for me.

Could someone share their experience and any solutions they have come across. Alternatively, I need suggestions for a (preferably free) e-mail service from some other service provider in India.


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you must be testing your patience by trying and relying on that mail service.
I would not even use that service even for newsletters.

You can however visit the your nearest exchange and enquire about it, as its possible they are the only users who use and trust it.


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I would depend on some established email services than one tied to your internet subscription. The worst case being loosing it when you move to something else.

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