Tata Docomo is an online fraud

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I had booked a Tata Photonmax Wi-Fi data card on the Tata docomo Website and paid the money through credit card. Please see the details below:

Invoice Number: EC0110049977 Payment mode: CC
S No. Date Item Code Item Description Qty Rate Amount
1 04-Dec-2014 22:54:52 PCPRE0781 10 GB + Extra Data plan @ Rs 350 1 350.00 350.00
2 04-Dec-2014 22:54:52 DCPHO0801 Photon Max Wi-Fi 1 1999.00 1999.00

Total: 2349.00
This was done on December 4 and today is December 26 and so far no activation has happened. I have been patiently waiting and listening toTata customer care people. Their standard reply is “sorry for the inconvenience, your case has been escalated to the concerned department, this will be resolved shortly or after some time” Exactly three weeks have gone by and so is my patience. I spoke with various customer service people and they say this is pending for local reference verification. Plenty of calls already has been placed from the local reference person’s mobile number and so far no verification has taken place. I have the following questions:

1) It says Doorstep activation on the website, but this is false. They are trying to mislead or cheat the customer by displaying false information and taking money from them which is similar to what online fraud companies does.
2) Since the activation was not done, I requested for the money back. This is too Tata people have rejected saying there is no such option.
3) The customer service department asked me to be patient. Well, I have been patiently waiting for 3 weeks with umpteen number of calls made to their customer service department. They say it will be resolved after “some time”. However, they do not know what this “some time” means, whether it is 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc. They refuse to make any commitments.
4) I asked the email ID and contact details of the Nodal Officer and or the appellate authority but their customer service people refused to provide the same saying they do not know their contact details.
Now they are saying my reference check came as negative whereas not even a single call was made to the local reference number which I provided. They are not willing to refund the money as well. So they are running an online scam duping the people their money. Beware of Tata Docomo!
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