Netscape updates Browser to version 8.0.1


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Netscape got the point. They made a blunder by launching the Netscape 8.0 browser with the rendering engine based on Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3. With a newer version out with many security updates, even the Mozilla Developers criticized the company for hurrying up the release and claiming that the software was safe and secure.

They have now tried to repair the damage. Netscape has fixed 44 vulnerabilities in the latest updated version of this browser within the first day of its release. And this update takes the browser to its 8.0.1 version. The updated download page reflects this new release and notifies the user that the update includes all Firefox security patches up to 1.0.4.

Netscape had earlier claimed that the browser was designed to give user a safe environment on the Internet with protection from Spyware and Phishing websites. Netscape’s general manager Jeremy Liew had said during the launch of this application: “Security is the sizzle that will get people to use this new browser. I think the Web has become a more dangerous place. The threats of Phishing and Spyware have become more and more real.”

They have acted fast. However, they would have to ensure that everyone who downloaded the previous version updates to the latest version to have all the latest patches.