Dvois Ssv I-on harassment and no resolution from anywhere

dvois i-on
Dear Friends,
I am from Khanda Colony in New Panvel, Maharashtra.
I am facing a serious headache and harassments from Dvois Ssv i-on broadband.
This started from Oct 17th when I renewed my package. I use a 2mbps unlimited plan. Every night approx between 8-9 pm the net speed will just drop to 50-100 kbps. And then it will be fine in the morning around 10-10.30. This seem very strange to me, how can it happen every night, but that is what is going on.
Even my 2mbps plan, I never got above 1.3 mbps. 1.3 is the max, mostly it hovers around 1.2 mbps.

So after noticing the same trend since renewal, I complained about it to the local office, they said they have no idea why this is happening. I called the call center and insisted on talking to a senior because I was complaining since 17th. The floor manager said send us an email with screenshots, we will look into the matter. I did the needful on 22nd October. Since then daily I have been promised that someone will call me back but it never happened. I kept complaining to local office and call centre but no replies at all, only same fake promises of we will look into the matter and you will receive a call back.

Now this is the most ridiculous and terrible thing I have faced. The Local Manager(I am not sure if I am allowed to take names) literally calls and threatens me saying if you keep complaining, we will cut your net wire off or wont renew your package which is due renewal on the 16th of Nov. He was literally shouting on me on phone saying you should complain at night when you have the issue. Luckily, the issue also occurred during daytime and I immediately called the technician who confirmed I was getting 70 kbps speed. So that technician calls a tech head Mr X who confirms there is an issue. Now I tell them I get issue every night so they tell me to call the call center and inform them about this and send an email and they will look into the matter. I did the same. They themselves told me to call and send an email and their local manager calls and is literally blasting on me shouting on me threatening me saying we will cut of your wire, I will tell the main office to not renew your package, I myself will look into it that your package is not renewed, etc. That behaviour was disgusting but I could not complain about it anywhere.
And how can I complain at night when they are closed and no tech person is present in the office.
Since 17th every night I complaint but they just close the complaint next morning saying it was closed as per the feedback given by me.

I sent an email the the Nodal officer also complaining about the speed drops at night and the behaviour of their local manager but as I expected, he has not replied. No one picks up the call either.

Their Bangalore head office also just cuts off the call if you say you are from Mumbai having an issue. Literally, without saying anything they just disconnect the call.

In the past also I have had serious issues, my wire was cut accidentally/purposely, by someone from their office who had come to terminate one connection. They cut my wire by mistake. After complaining, the Local manager says their rival cut off the wire. I have never heard such utter non sense in my life, first of all these people have monopoly, there is no rival. Secondly instead of accepting their mistake, they said they will repair the wire. But there was always issues so I had to replace the wire on my expense.
This was told to me personally by the boy that left the job, if he had not told me I would have never known about this.

The replaced wire was damaged, they did not check it while installing, I had several issues and after they checked 2 months later, they said its your wire. I had a big argument with them but in the end again I had to pay from my pockets for the wire again.

Sadly there is monopoly over here or I would have just changed the provider. MTNL does not seem that good in my place, couple of my friends have changed it to a dongle. Now I am a gamer too so I cannot change to wireless yet.

If someone here has any contact in Dvois SSV i-on broadband, please help me out. Would highly appreciate it. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Thank you
dvois i-on
What's wrong with mtnl?
Hello, thanks for the reply.

I have not personally used MTNL but 2 of my friends had it. They said there was frequent DC. The speed was decent like almost 1.8 mbps stable but repeated DCs. I dont know why. One quickly shifted to dongle because he was not a gamer, other kept complaining and in the end gave up. Now I am a gamer too so that is an issue.
I mostly play LOL only and watch Youtube videos.

I have read some lucky people, I guess you too, get good ping to Singapore server if recollect reading one of your threads approx 65 ms ping.
But some have 200 ms ping right ? I can do a bit of running around but do not want a permanent headache.
What do you recommend ?
I guess I wont be able to see HD youtube videos on MTNL, this SSV has cached most of youtube. So that sacrifice I will have to make but if the connection is reliable then I am willing to go ahead. I am not a torrent freak.
Max as I said I do is send some mails which are very imp, game some LOL and see youtube vids.

Sorry am confused, thanks for your patience and help. I cant explain how tired I am. Every other month some issue and people sitting at the SSV office got no idea.

They Do not even understand the "tracert" command. When you point out packet loss, they said Sir do not check pings. Supposedly their Local Tech Head which my technician said is paid a lot of money does not know what is "tracert" command.


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I mean, given your current situation, it wouldn't hurt to give mtnl a try. So long as your line is good, the connection should be great. Subscribe to an 8mbps plan, to ensure good latency and stream YouTube without a hitch. If it doesn't work out, you can always disconnect it next month and look for alternatives!

Also, I would imagine you have a router currently. Get a decent TP-Link modem (TD 8817) and you're good to go. Don't take mtnl equipment.

Only downside is, if mtnl doesn't work out, your 800 odd bucks on the TD 8817 will go waste.