pathetic customer care when TATA DOCOMO INTERNET NOT WORKING IN PUNE


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My internet was not working for 4 - 5 hrs. So I called up customer care. Guy suggested settings (auto for nw type and apn related) which i had tried already. After that he said that is all he could do. I asked then who will solve it and the guy was clueless for a while then he gave me another no (1800 ... 121) and hung up. That turned out to be tata photon's no which tells my no is invalid (of course). What kind of lame and 'take customer for granted' service is that. And i am still without internet working. What a shame Tata Docomo!!!


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Never call CC to get more frustrated than you currently are. Always turn the sim off and then turn it on if you cant connect to net in docomo.

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