Maran Visions 20 Million Broadband Connections By 2010



Friday, March 02, 2007: Aiming to provide nine million broadband connections by this year-end and 20 million connections by the end of 2010, India is all set to enter another phase of digital revolution. Dayanidhi Maran, minister of communications and IT, addressed the parliamentary consultative committee attached to his ministry where Dr Shakeel Ahmad, minister of state for communications and IT was also present.

Speaking on the agenda item 'Initiatives on Broadband', Maran stated that with the availability of new disruptive wireless broadband technology, such as Wi-MAX, it is expected to start adding more than a million broadband connections per month before the end of 2007. He also mentioned that wireline and wireless broadband are to co-exist and expand together. New applications such as tele-aid medicines, IPTV, video conferencing, e-governance, e-commerce, etc. will be available to the citizens with broadband availability.

Maran added that there will be special emphasis for north-eastern states and Jammu & Kashmir. Also, BSNL has declared 2007 as 'Year of North East and J&K' with an objective to improve teleconnectivity in these states.

It is envisaged under the action plan that broadband coverage of all secondary and higher secondary schools, public healthcare centres and village panchayats would be provided by the year 2008. Broadband connectivity to one lakhs Community Service Centres (CSC) covering 20,000 CSCs by ADSL by September 2007; 1000 blocks by wireless broadband by December 2007 and the remaining 5000 blocks by wireless broadband with USO support by June 2008 would be provided.

BSNL plans to add an average of five lakh broadband connections per month from January 2008; 80 per cent of the exchanges would be broadband by the end of 2007. BSNL is also to roll out IPTV in major cities. In addition to this, BSNL will aggressively roll out high speed broadband (like Wi-MAX) services and allow integration of multiple access technology like ADSL 2 +, VDSL 2, fibre-home, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, 3G, CorDECT, etc. The focus will be to provide multi-play instead of triple play.

As a part of the strategy, MTNL has envisaged a target of providing one million broadband connections by the end of this year and an addition of an average one lakh connections per month from January 2008. MTNL will also strengthen its IPTV services recently rolled out in Mumbai and in limited areas of Delhi.

Maran also informed about the recent amendment to the Indian Telegraph Act to provide support from USO fund for mobile and broadband services in remote/rural areas. He also mentioned about the relaxation of restrictions of providing mobile services within 10 kms, of international borders to 500 metres except along the Line of Control and Line of Actual Control in the areas of Akhnoor and Pathankot of J&K.


they just want to increase quantity , but dont want to improve in quality of broadband.....Like China`s mass production policy !!!! :angry:

why wimax ??? why IPTV ??? just give (good quality broadband) 2 mbps speed to ppl of India as u told...


whatever the minister said, he has executed so far. it is our workforce, which has to be forced fully to implement. To realise the dream, all of us must contribute instead of ditching it. hope always for the best to come, and things will improve.


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a while back, saw in CNN-IBN, in the scrolling text that BSNL has upgraded all its connections/users to 2 mbps...can any DataOne user confirm this??? :unsure:


^ recently I've downloaded Nero7 from its ftp site .it was during early morning (after 6 A.M.) using flashget .file size : 398 MB ; total time taken : 46 minAverage Speed : 146.75 KB/s sometimes , Netmeter shows maximum speed of 220KB/sec


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whatever the minister said, he has executed so far. it is our workforce, which has to be forced fully to implement. To realise the dream, all of us must contribute instead of ditching it. hope always for the best to come, and things will improve.[/b]

He said 'unlimited' broadband. With that he redefined the meaning of the word 'unlimited' and ridiculed the Oxford dictionary


@ manu , I am using home 500 plan . Unlimited plans
are still at 256kbps . And all other home plans are improved .
But they are not provided with constant 2mbps speed . The
speed is from 256kbps upto 2mbps . The technical
feasibility is a main factor to condole / cheat / fool the users .


20 million subscribers being choked on 10mbps plans with data/time limit while nearly 80% of other ISP's will still be in the 256-2mbps range, unlm maximum will possibly be only uptil 1mbps - By 2010, looking at state things now world will move onto HD Streaming and 1mbps will be useless.^^^^Real Aim of the Maran guy.Is there anyway we can vote him out? A minister who doesn't make promises is better than some hideous bastard telling the world India is shifting to broadband, while in reality, we're being chocked, as the fact the plans are not Unlimited never makes it to the news with 'India has gone 2mbps' announcements.Maran, retire please :)

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All this crap is for the Commonwealth games? If yes, then I'm sure that it will happen, but I'm more sure of the fact that all those connections will be degraded to 128 Kbps in 2011.