Zone Alarm Shows 80,000 Intrusions. Help !


Hi All,There is this weired thing happening with me. I have 2 Broadbands Tataindicom and BSNL. For Tata i use a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem and for BSNL i use D-Link DSL-502T Router. Whenever I use my TataIndicom connection, Zonealarm starts showing lot of incomming Intrusions being blocked. Currently it shows almost 80,000 intrusions being blocked, and almost 3000 of which are high rated. However, when i use my BSNL connection, there are no new intrusions being reported and as soon as i connect to Tata again, the intrusion start increasing. I'm not sure how to upload images with posts, otherwise i wud have supplied a screenshot too.Please suggest what shld i do. Thx in Adv.