Reliance Broadband Sales Office in Pune

Hi Everyone,I wanted to find out Reliance Broadband sales office address and phone number in Pune.I live near Khadki station on Aundh Rd.Also I wanted to understand what kind of broadband service it is. In USA and Canada I used phone-based DSL and ADSL broad band services (respectively provided by SBC and Telus). Since last 10 days I am trying to setup BSNL broadband service. Their Cust-Serv people are clearly dumbest in world. A Bihari guy (who looked to like Laloo) came to my house and proceeded to connect Huawei ADSL modem but did nothing to prove connectivity. When I asked their technical person for help they said I need to upgrade my OS to W98SE. I have W98FE. When I asked what is my IP address and whether it is going to be found out automatically he came back to ask me if I wanted to know who the ISP is. Such is the level of IQ of these idiots. Sorry for rant but I am disparate to start a broadband connection in home. Any help in getting me started will be appreciated.-ew


Wanted to know who your ISP is?ROFL