Great Job DISH TV, Sep-2014 Fraud Done to ALL DTH Subscribers

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Now Visible in NCR ;)
Dish TV has jumbled up all channel packs with CRAP selection.

Removed all interesting channels and have renamed packs, You cannot renew the existing plan from
what I see now in 2 active accounts.
These accounts are/were on "super platinum" packs and there's no way to see any renewal for the same on dish tv india website.

So DISH TV India now not Allowing you to renew your existing pack
Instead they are forcing users to go to "" and enter amount, no mention of your
pack or what they are about to do ?
so catch is once innocent users pay for example Rs.300/- by assuming their pack was Rs.300
users would be moved and forced to digest the new plan and no matter they would give you 24-28 days of service instead of The committed monthly pack earlier.

WHY Can't they play fair, or FORCED to play fair.
Eg: Your One Month (30/31 Days) pack is Rs.300 and users pays it forgets it.
but these mercenaries would activate you with something, deduct days from plan, on renewal
would not mention plan, or change the plan, or give a Hindi Users lots of TELUGU Channels
what is all this CRAP.

Every Day They LOOT MONEY from subscribers and users are crying in search of Mercy and Justice but

Is DISH TV INDIA above all LAW and Order in India. or our government too busy to look into
this day to day financial crime they are doing by cheating subscribers.

And Last of all, The Most Important.

Their Make My Pack shows and Asks Rs.5/- for "DD NATIONAL"
isn't it ILLEGAL to ask money for this Official National Channel of India.