Can we Sue Sify....


:angry: The consumers a re a troubled lot in india. many reasons for that... the latest being the new 150mb per day caps bought donw by sify!!! i had a 6 month 64kbps unlimited package which i purchased in december... suddenly in march they inform me tht they have 150mb caps n ill be losing a day if i go above tht. :eek: i contacted sify customercare and they assured me tht this 'SCHEME' :huh: wont be applied till i finish my 6 months package. and what happens next... poof 1 month of my package just disappeared!!! are they gonna remove this cap in the future or are they just gonna prey on us for the rest of our virtual lives? the other broadbands are either too slow or are too bloody expensive. am kinda worried coz my cousin in the states has a 1mbps leased line for only $28 a month. whoa isnt tht cool..... will someone help us with this n sue SIFY!!!! thnx.


no one else is gonna do it for you u gotta go out n sue them if you find them doing something illegal