How Do I Connect From Ethernet ?


HI.. I am abhijith from mysore ..
recently i got Bsnl broad band connection(500 Home).. and have the
UTSTAR 300R2 ADSL modem..given by bsnl..
now i am connecting to net thru usb..
but i want to try connecting from ethernet(i am on Intel 945 gnt MOB So it has in-built port).. but i am not sucessfull doing it.. i use win xp and it is not recognizing when connected from ethernet..
the bsnl guys are nerds.. i asked them to configure they said actually win xp has to automatically recognise when its plugged in to ethernet
so latter it was connected from usb..
guys plz do help me out and gimme a solution so that i can connect from ethernet..
i even tried re installation of win xp and i keep my win xp updated all time..
i thank u all in anticipation..

and one more thing to clear it out is..
i dont usually experience disconnection in day time but.. at nights i mean during happy time hours the connection goes off or it'll be connected but with vey low activity (dowloads in bytes on torrents)... when i try to switch off and on back my modem ,then my system hangs and i got to restart the pc..
this happends most of the time.. freaked up..!!!!!
even reinstallation of xp had no effect on this hanging stuff..

torrents download speed is very bad... i even tried clearing up the NAT/ PORT forwarding stuff and its fine..
everytime i connect torrents at night i do configure port forwarding and select the range of ports to work..
b4 the utorrent client used to show the warning abt udp ports but its fine now..
i learnt doing it after reading loads of stuff from net.

hey guys this is my 1st post and plz dont disappoint me ,... thanking u in advance..

with regards

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have u installed the drivers for the ethernet.. when u connect the modem to ur usb, what happens to the network icon in ur bottom right corner (the two computer thingy) for the torrents.. r they seeded properly?.. u need a good number of seeds to get decent speeds in torrent..btw.. how have u port forwarded ur modem exactly? (dmz, virtual network or bridge mode)edit: did u check ur usage to see if there was any major data transfer during the happy hours?


yes i have installed the drivers for usb and its working fine.. but as i said when the internet activity slows down i try reseting the modem but finally system ends up hanging...what may be the problem?so i thought ethernet would be good option rather usb...and there is no major data transfer.. and the torrents would have good number of seeds but i never get in the begining it downloads at 80 kbs n some time it goes in bytes ps ....i tried connecting to ethernet port its not recognising it says nothing even trying to add a new hardware thing dint work...and i used vistual network thingy to forward my ports and i gave my connected ip address and choose any port as options and set the range b/w 30000-59000 and the status on torrent client shows "green" means its fine...i checked adsl status now here it is belowItem Downstream Upstream Unit SNR Margin 36.0db 31.0db dB Line Attenuation 27.0db 14.0db dB Loss of Signal 0 0 CRC Errors 2 0 Data Rate 2048 Kbps 256 Kbps kbps Latency Fast Fast what is this ??and i would like to know what is bridge mode and dmz ??? plz let me know..

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Ethernet is always better than USB but i suugest u to re-install the ethernet driversEthernet is always better than USB but i suugest u to re-install the ethernet drivers


yaar,, i do know that ethernet is best option but.. i told u na.. its not recognising when i switch on the modem ... but the ethernet port LED is on when connected.. i tried everything,,, plz tell me an alternate way to connect