Meat Ban in various states in India

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As you may know some monks are on fast unto death to force an entire town to be veg.
25% of the town are Muslims
Gujarat govt may declare Palitana ‘veg-only’ zone

This is a violation of freedom of choice. If i am a meat eater can the govt or a community force me to be veg? I hope this is taken to court.
quote from them
"The monks thanked the officials, but expressed hope that the government would declare slaughtering and sale of other non-vegetarian food items an “anti-social activity”.
So i am an anti social if am a non vegetarian? This is 1984+brave new world on steroids.
Next will be ban alcohol. Haven't they learned from history that by banning you make it more appealing.
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The problem is that Gujarat is now India ever since the elections. The Gujarat model will be replicated in all states if by force need be. I wont be surprised that in 2019 India bans alcohol to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. (i dont drink alcohol)
As the founding fathers of America said:
Democracy is mob rule where 51% can take away the rights of 49%.
If we were a true republic, this would not have happened.


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As per this, Palitana is biggest pilgrimage center for them (There are 3000 temples in Palitana)
25% muslims means there must be lots of meat shops.
I am vegetarian myself.
I would not like to see a meat shop with dead bodies hanging all over or live goats/hens being sold/slaughtered just before I enter temple.


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You cannot even smoke and eat non-veg in a large area around the Golden Temple I believe. This is quite common here in India.



So you would like to restrict my freedom of choice on what to eat? Nobody is selling non veg in temples. Outside temple is public land and not private property and also i dont like naked monks walking in public. It is indecent but O! you can get away if it is your religion but you will not be allowed to eat non veg food etc as it is anti social. What hypocrisy.


Admin if a jain reads this and complains, you could be charged under sec 66. Edit it and add it as a joke.