You are not nice to me; I will not be nice to you


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So, we so much love cheap broadband that given a chance we keep on download stuff that we don’t even need. The reason being?

I am not entirely sure... but the frustration seems to be one of them. The service is pathetic, the initial charges are atrocious, and the attitude is disgusting. The reliability is such that we are not sure if 5 minutes later net would be working or not. Moreover, with CTOs who charges money from customers as service charges, who would love to have Sify Broadband as their ISP?

As a result, when we get speeds and decent connectivity, we do not appreciate the gesture and start misusing it. Start serving us better quality of connectivity and we will be nice as well.

What say you?


what.. we're paying for their services and will use it any way we like.. sify is NOT a nice company.. so there is no question of being nice to them..


Hi!For me u r being nice to Sify as long as you are not doin any kinda harm.For instace, you can trigger a program which will keep enumerating chain of ips on the network, just to make sure that no other person is able to log on to Sify.Or for instace, u can try supplyin ur internet cable some electricity.Or better, if u r geek enuff, i'll suggest try to get ur hands on to their server and do some nifty stuff there.Just being abusive doesnt amount to be bad.Clue :- Sify Broadband Client is a very good trojan ;-) {work your way out}Cheers!