The only way India can ever hope for cheapest High Speed Broadband Services


The only way India can ever hope for cheapest High Speed Broadband Services And that is if your local Light-wala becomes your ISP. aka Broadband over Power Line. this means no need for phone lines and cable lines. all one will need to do is buy special modem from market and plug it in your power line and connect to your PC LAN card with your LAN wire and you are set.
This is how it should work or similar.
Power lines at homes will offer dsl signal similar to one cable modems receives.
Power line modem will receive this signal.
Class A IP Address will be automatically assigned by your local light-wala, not ISP.
All ISP will need to do is partner with Light-wala and create Private Network which will have Registration/Login Websites from many ISP's. Which will allow Customers to Login to Internet, doesn't matter which plan costumer bought from whichever ISP as long as there is login website.
ISP will have to tell customers http:// address of their internet login page upon installation of power line modem so customer can login to internet with the provided user id/password by respected ISP.
This will surely bring 1mbps unlimited price down to Rs. 250-300/- month. (because ISP will no longer have to put their own cable from building to building.)
unless your ISP is obsessed with offering less internet speed at high price. Price over Quality and Speed.

i find it really funny when is see tata indicom plan 256kbps rs. 1000/- month bsnl 256kbps rs. 525/- month for example. we are now in halfway 2014 so why the hell price is still so high? just my little rant. i mean come on its 32KB/S we are talking about. in my opinion, 256kbps should be no more the rs. 50/- month. (i used to get 32KB/S when i had dailup back in 2002)
screw costly fiber optics and slow broadbands. in US/UK 10mbps plan is lot cheaper than you can get in india. plans like 4mbps (512KB/S) are not high speed. high speed starts at 10mbps period.
When will internet become cheapest in india? how long will we have to wait?
10 more years, 50 years or 500 more years?


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Indian Internet Speed and Cost per BW Never going to be same as US/UK no matter How many years pass Period. When India Gets 10mbps without FUP it will be consider Slow in tht time. and so on..


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Broadband on powerline could be an alternative but that would be more understandable at a point when we would have already exhausted the existing/lying network namely BSNL, local cable operators, WISP etc. Half of the reason is the cost of bandwidth which a small/medium scale ISP has to pay to these Big Telcos (Tata, Airtel) who own 93% of the submarine Cable station landing in India. They charge an arm and a leg for a leased line however small or big pipe you are buying.
Here is an old article which gives a small insight - Cable landing points: Tata Comm, Airtel under competition panel lens
Moreover when TRAI did something to curb this menace, they made sure to pluck the teeths of TRAI by getting a stay on the order - Madras High Court stays TRAI order on cable landing fee.
And top of that the government didn't even bother to challenge the stay. Not even sure what's the current status on this matter.
The NOFN (National Optical Fibre Network) project is being rolled out in full speed but only in the files of the ministry. Will have to wait & watch what this govt will be able to do if at all.


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I remember that few years back (10 or so) there was some talk about internet through power lines, in Mumbai. This is when BSES was the main and probably only power company in Mumbai.