Vodafone Missed Call Alert Not working


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30 Rs.???
You can activate it for Rs. 10 with 30 days validity..
ACT MCI10 to 111
i tried this same today in 2018 and it worked.
only difference is i have to send the message to 199 instead of 111

i had called customer care and they quoted Rs.30 per month and Rs. 99 for 6 month. i was going to activate this in evening bcoz currently had only rs.25 in balance on my mobile.
then was just searching the ussd codes given by customer care on google and came to this article.
just for fun tried this code (to 111) which was not able to send bcoz 111 is not working.
so remembered current code is 199 and tried on it and voila
it worked. at 10 per month ?

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