Why Tata Photon max Prepay plan sucks?

Joe Maxpayne

Prepaid unlimited plans:
700 Unlimited 6.2 2 GB 30days
750 Unlimited 6.2 3 GB 30days
1000 Unlimited 6.2 6 GB 30days
1200 Unlimited 6.2 11 GB 30days
Postpaid unlimited plans:
650 3 GB UL 30days
750 10 GB UL 30days
1200 11 GB UL 30days
1500 15 GB UL 30days
Im using photon plus for 3+ years. i went to showroom to upgrade to max. they asked me to surrender my current data card and pay 1999Rs for photon max data card, the 1999 will be reduced from next 12 monthly bill. i asked them to just upgrade without paying as im almost 4yr post paid customer but they denied. so i decided to take a new data card instead which is only 1299Rs + il keep my old data card which i can unlock or sell to others. but if i do this il loose 4yr loyality grrr. well anyway, then i checked the plans on both prepay and postpaid. prepay plans stunned me, it not even close to post pay plan, for eg: prepaid 750rs 3GB Vs postpaid 750rs 10GB. so any idea why prepay so sucky?


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New Delhi
Because in prepaid you recharge or not its ur wish, but in postpaid you need to pay unless cancelled.
They are following mts policy which gives 40GB on 999plan vs 20GB on 999 recharge.

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