Need help in identifying sender of Text Message

I recently received a truncated SMS from a commercial number (Transactional SMS) which i need help in identifying.
Here's how it happened.
I sent my resume to some 4-5 companies over the last few weeks. A couple of days ago i had to leave town for some work and my phone was on roaming and at night I ran out of balance. Which meant that i couldnt recieve any phone calls. Next day in the afternoon as I got my phone recharged, I received an SMS. The sender of the SMS was DM-IIFOME and the message read :
We received your resume for an open position. We tried getting in touch with you for an initial screening but you were unavailable. If you receive this message kindly rever
At this point the message abruptly ended. Since I was using one of those old cell phones that break down longer text messages into parts while sending and receiving, I assumed the remaining bit would arrive in a while. But it didn't. I called my service provider to check if they would have any records of who tried to call me. They said they don't. They told me that I should just wait for some time. The remaining text of the message will appear. Its been well over 24 hours and it didnt.
Is there any way I can track down the sender of the message,i.e. DM-IIFOME?
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks