Bittorent Stops Downloading


Hi,I'm using the 256 kbps night plan unlimited from mumbai. I'm using bittorent to download fc 6 OS. I start the p2p and it starts downloading the file. However, after sometime, maybe because of no activity, it simply stops downloading. Till the time, I'm using the pc to surf the net, it continues downloading. I checked for the settings in bittorent n there is no such option to prevent it from doing so. Bittorent gives excellent speeds n i want to continue using it to download this huge file. I'm currently at 77% of it and do not want to stop downloading the file. Please help. Earlier, it never faced such problems. I'm not sure if its a local issue or bittorent itself acts like that. Plz help. Using WinXP SP, using windows firewall, if that is the issue? cheers,ozz


The Coolest One!!!
u're using PPPoE or bridge mode...if u r using PPPoE, then change it to bridge mode...i had the same problem once when i was on PPP...if u're already on bridge, then i can't say...