Bsnl And Glb502t - Phase Ii


D-Link - Phase II
In previous topics ( phase - 1) we saw conectivity issues with GLB Dlink adsl 2+ modem/router. We have made our way through to next phase ;-) phase - II, as i call brought us more surprises. while Dlink support is good in responding but do't exactly have the infrastructure to support growing needs, we try to take a initiative , list out the issues that we still have and hope fully solve them ourselves with our "resources" around the world. I will also compile the information / solution for connectivity issue as discussed in previous topic so that we dont get stuck on same thing again.I have few Dlink problems to discuss, but before that I want you all to be a regular member here and post your concerns or appreciations to keep it live!!Thanks Everyone for getting me online :) !!Jj