Beware! NSA installs spyware in US made routers


BSNL broadband, Aircel 3G.
NSA tampers with US made routers and it gives NSA the ability to intercept communications worldwide.
I'm wondering which parts of the modem they have compromised - is it the ADSL section or just the router section? We have to assume the worst.
Earlier, all countries were accusing China of installing spyware on their communication devices. If USA can do it, then definitely China can do it too.
This incident highlights the need for free software (free as in freedom) and open hardware.
As a user we can know about the hardware that we are using, rather than being blindfolded.
I use openwrt for my TP-Link router which is a free software(free as in freedom) and hence I can be sure about the router section, but unfortunately there is not free software available for my D-Link ADSL modem or most ADSL modems as the communication protocols have not been made available public.