The Incompetent DHBVN

Thats f**king great.
The full article is on TOI newspaper.
They will be installed on all homesindustries which have power supply btw 10-50kw and will use gprs tech to remotely send data to their centre at hisar.
a quote "If there is a shortage of supply in an area we can reduce and balance it on the other thereby regulating supply during peak demand.
They will install from year end. My only hope is the privacy bill being passed by that time.
The govt needs warrant to search my hope. Here the power utility is invading my privacy by checking data in real time and switching appliances if it thinks that i am using more power. It can also have time based tariffs and not unit based tariff so in peak hours i will be charged more.


DHBVN consumers to get online smart meters that can be checked online - The Times of India

: Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) has announced that they will start replacing existing meters at homes with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) or smart meters that will record readings online and can be checked by consumers on the discom's website. This is expected to offset complaints by consumers about irregularities in their meter readings.

DAMMIT. Now they will spy on you. Any lawyers who can help me which section of IT act does this violate?
Not to mention that the discom will know when you in your home or not and this will lead to SMART THEFT.:mad:


They are saying it is free but do not install it. They can remotely switch off your power,spy on what appliance you are using if if you have a smart appliance, they can spy through it. If they force you threaten them will a suit and aks them under which law they are forcing you. users who have meters btw 10-50kw\hr will be targeted but this is the beginning.

Not to mention health hazards of EM radiation.
Smart Meters


How will smart meter SPY you? Will they have cameras?
They are connected to the main office by 3g\2g\cdma. They remotely send info on the load, appliances you are using and can remotely reduce the load.

this is not right.
Dont we have some privacy laws to stop things like this from could be a great way to get an idea of when you are at home,or when you are on a long vacation.

I remember reading an article where people in some city in US denied installation of these meters over privacy .

Anyway i guess there must be ways to block GPS on these meters from sending signals out,unless they make it illegal to block.


Everyone already has smart meters in their home after the old mechanical meters were forcefully removed. This is next generation one where info can be sent remotely. Smart meters can already be manually programmed to have time based metering. unlike 0-20 units @ 1p, 21-50 units @ 100p; these smart meters can change the tarrif to time based like from 6pm to 8pm when people go to their homes the utility company can jack up the prices to charge you more.

I already have a digital meter installed & the bill amount quadrupled Year on year.

The only law which i can think of is the information technology act where it bans hacking cuz this is hacking.
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I still dont know how will it SPY you and your activity?

Max they can find that you are not at home by noticing that meter is not moving. But, you can trick them too, keep fan on on minimum speed and go out of house! Since meter would be moving they will think you are inside of house! :D

Infact refrigerators are always ON so they will hardly know when you are at home and when not.
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