Reliance Thunder-1099 wont stay connected for over 15 minutes...


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I don't understand how a large company can provide a service so terrible.
I applied for Thunder-1099 Wireline Reliance Broadband and after a week and an installation charge of Rs.800,
they activated my connection.
Here are the problems I faced:
1.) They do selective website-specific bandwidth throttling. This means that when you access websites like, your connection will run at full speed. On other websites you barely get a 1-MBPS connection. (They have included nearly all speed-testing websites. If you want to test by yourself just download a large file from a website and see how slow the connection is.)
2.) The connection gets disconnected after 6 PM everyday. When you make a complaint, it magically works at the time the operator asks whether the connection is working. After about 5 mins the connection goes dead. I have been using Thunder since Mar-7 2014 and I have made more than 15 complaints. In frustration, I sent them a request for disconnection today.
3.) You have to manually login to a webpage every 4 hours. (In some areas this period is upto 6 hours.)
It will be nice to hear from other users regarding their experience with Reliance Broadband.
Another curious thing that might have given me a clue is that in our segment there is only ONE current subscriber for Reliance Broadband !! I wish I had asked for a reference before wasting money.