Adding User/Pass in Modem


Me from hyderabad, just got Home-500 256kbps net conection from BSNL and they gave us Huawei Smartex 880 Modem ..

I am able to access Modem Configuration AT
I can see the whole tree of menus .

I like to know what all changes to be made so that BSNL user/pass can be stored in Modem itself so that I can access Net without login on computer ..

I really appreciate responses ..

Here is my previous link


The Global Village Idiot
Do you have the modem manual on the CD you got? Or see http:/

Click teh ATM section and select PPP then the screen updates to let you select PPPoE, then you can enter you usename/password, you can put anything for the "service name" i put just BSNL... then click the litle magnifying glass and the popup select "always on" and submit...

then in the save and reboot section select save then submit, then select reboot then submit again...

also in the DHCP section enable DHCP, also DNS forwarding or whatever its called...

then in your OS, network/TCPIP settings change it to "obtain IP address automatically"...

hope i didnt screw up the steps...

check out for a BSNL, click resources link then BSNL faq/guide...