Using the Dlink 2750u as a true Ethernet WAN router

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I'd actually already posted on how to use the D-Link 2750u as a full fledged Ethernet WAN router, but it was a few pages deep in a Tikona thread and some users were getting the actual method mixed up with workarounds posted earlier in that thread.

The 2750u is actually capable of both adsl and Ethernet WAN routing. However the Indian firmware only enables the adsl WAN. So one needs to use the Middle East (ME) or Russian (NRU) firmware to enable the Ethernet WAN function (with the ME/Russian firmware one can use adsl, ethernet or 3g WAN). Please check the label under your router to identify the specific hardware version and apply the firmware that corresponds to it. Warning: You may brick your router if you apply the wrong firmware. Presently ME firmware is available for C1 and U1 versions. NRU firmware is available for C1. The NRU firmware has the mac cloning feature so you need not ask your provider to reset the mac lock (if mac lock is present). Here are the links

ME C1 v1.3

DSL-2750U_ME_1.30_B038_K8B_0K_ME3G-00-test-3388-20111231.img - Google Drive

ME C1 latest

bcm96328GW_K8B_0K_MEGE_fs_kernel_return_20131010.img - Google Drive

In the latest firmware, I'm having a problem getting my 3g dongle to work, which is why I've posted both versions. Once the firmware has been changed to the ME type, one can easily switch between versions (of the same hw type) using the software update page and one can choose which version works best for them.

ME U1 (Use 7zip/Winrar etc to extract firmware)


Applying the firmware

The firmware may not be accepted in the normal firmware update mode. Then you'll need to update it in the dlink crash recovery mode using a LAN cable (not wirelessly). Assign a static address on the PC for the ethernet interface in the 192.168.1.x series for eg

Switch router off, press the reset button ie insert ballpoint pen in reset hole under the router, keep holding the reset button and turn on the router. Keep holding the reset button for about 12 seconds after you power on the router. Now you'll see that the power led has turned red signifying that the router is in crash recovery mode. When you enter the address on your PC browser, you find the upgrade firmware page. Just browse to the downloaded firmware file and flash!

After the new firmware has been flashed, your internet connection will not start working automatically, you will also need to set up the router correctly. Please do not apply any workarounds mentioned in other threads such as interface grouping, disabling DHCP etc

Instructions for setting up the C1 hw version router with ME firmware

Step 1: Log into your router and under Advanced setup->Layer2 interface->ETH interface create an Ethernet interface with connection mode as default. Then go to Advanced setup->WAN Service and add service for eth0/LAN4.

Step2: If you have an internet connection with pppoe dialing such as pacenet, Honesty etc, in the next page, choose pppoe and put in username, password and service name in the next page. Also choose to enable NAT. In the next page move eth0 from available to selected gateway interface (if it's not already in selected) and remove ppp0 (if present) from selected, in the next page do the same for DNS and finally apply/save. Do thisonly if you have both eth0 and ppp0 appearing in the setup, else let ppp0 remain in selected.

Step2 (alt): If you have a connection such as Tikona, Reliance metro, cable internet (without pppoe dialer) etc, in the next page choose ip over ethernet, in the next page let the setting remain at Obtain an IP address automatically, in the next page check option to enable NAT, in the next page move eth0 from available to selected gateway interface (if it's not already in selected) and remove ppp0 (if present) from selected, in the next page do the same for DNS and finally apply/save. Do this only if you have both eth0 and ppp0 appearing in the setup, else let ppp0 remain in selected.

Step3: Then in advanced setup - 3g connection select primary uplink as ethernet.

Now connect your internet cable to the LAN port 4 of the router and you should be able to connect through any device connected through wifi or any of the other LAN ports. If you have a connection with a browser login such as Reliance metro or Tikona, the login page will show up only on the first device that you connect in each session. After you have logged in on any device, all other devices will have internet connectivity without going through the login page.

Instructions for setting up the U1 hw version router

In Internet setup, set WAN access type to Ethernet and in protocol, choose dynamic ip for connection such as Tikona, Reliance metro, cable broadband (without pppoe dialer) etc and choose pppoe if you have a pppoe dialer based connection such as pacenet, honesty net solutions etc. When setting up the internet connection, vlan id must not be given any value other than 0.

Instructions for setting up the C1 hw version router with NRU firmware (Port 1 is WAN port)

After you flash the interface will appear in Russian. Click on the rightmost dropdown at the top of the page and choose English to change the interface language.

Click on Advanced Settings at the bottom
Click on Interface Grouping in the Advanced section. Right click on the LAN icon on the right and click on setup speed and stream. There's some quirk in the interface and it's a little tricky getting this click right. Set duplex and speed to auto and save. Again hover mouse over LAN graphic and click on Make WAN. With the default option of 'Single service...' click save. Go back to the advanced settings screen. In the Net section click on WAN and add a connection. Choose connection type accordingly and choose LAN as the interface. Change MAC if required (if provider uses mac lock), (mac cloning doesn't seem to work) put in other details as needed (make sure NAT stays enabled) and click save. Internet cable goes into port 1 and not port 4 as in the case of the ME firmware
If your provider uses a mac id lock, plug in the internet cable in port 4 (port 1 for Russian fw) after completing the setup and ask him to register the new mac in his database.
Any users seeking help on this thread, please provide all relevant details (provider, type of connection) and screenshots (info and setup). Also please make absolutely sure that it's not a mac lock issue, as many users are needlessly seeking help on the forum without having got a proper mac reset from their provider.
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Try this link at your own risk... Google it.
htt p://www. myb on=com_co ntent&view =articl e&id=25&caccccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i had version 2 of the same 2730 u and it came with in 1.11 firmware
problem is iam having frequent internet drops as eevery 10 min connection resets
complained about it and called tech team of Timbl ISP they told that router does not support dynamic ip practice and for static Ip they are charging 400
what are the solution before me
@popcorn Are you still using this setup with FTTH?
Any routing settings to get full speed for upload and download?
Upload speed is reduced and download speed varies sometimes.
Currently having BSNL 50Mbps plan.
Nipani, Karnataka
I am using D-Link 2750U and wanted to use it as a wifi router with BSNL FTTH. The H/W Ver is A1 and F/W Ver is IN_1.01.
WAN is working through this modem using cables, but unable to set up wifi though tried multiple options as shared by users.
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Can you please tell me how did you use Wan through ethernet cable. I have same h/w ver,


is this trick still working? i have this modem and switching isp's from bsnl..
if anyone have recently done this please guide...