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The SIFY case is going to be decided ex-parte, as SIFY is shying away from the court. Last hearing is on 09 May, 2005.In the last hearing, they want me to provide summary of the matter in maximum of 1-2 pages. Which will decide the matter exparte against SIFY.So I request all the SIFY BroadBand customers… to make a list of points in your own way, that need to be not only simple… self explanatory but convincing that points to the deficiency in services rendered by SIFY Broadband… so that an intention to cheat is clearly made out.Mention all the points, with the details like since when you think the said condition exists, provide the month and year.Also mention the changes that have taken place in conditions, like in mid 2004, the download condition was 750 MB/month. Subsequently changes were made... to 75 MB/day, so does this condition still exists ???Further, the new condition 150 MB/day that results in reduction of validity, from where you come to know this condition exists. And was this made known to you before installation of SIFY connection.


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Well. My complaints in few points.a. no support at night despite having a night package.b. cto is not a representative of sify so is not accountable.c. hidden limit of 150 megs which was released to the customer much later.d. name is broadband, sold packages of 48kbps.


One from me There help service is deficient, though they claim that someone will contact you within 24 hours and solve your problem. The customer care/technical people donot respond to problems until you donot mail someone who is at some high position. If you tell your problem only to customer care executives, for 2-3 dead sure your case wont be answered.


Please do lay emphasis on the 150 MB limit. The rascals have put this limit all over India, and for every "unlimited" connection, there is a daily limit of 150 MB, else your account validity is penalised.


YAh cant ping external servers and port blocking biggest issues according to me .. Oh and 150 mb/limit ................ HOw can they dare to name it unlimited . they just keep a small line at end .. so people are fooled one way in first sight


well here is mine,
i took sify connection 5 months back my first pack was 64Kbps
unltd i was happy cause i was not happy with the telephone connection it was giving me speed of 33kbps. so i was happy to get this pack as told by my cto & cc unlimited but after some days my speed tripped to 28kbps i called cc many times about this so one day a lady called me from sify and told me "sir you are using 64kbps shared connection that is why your speed is tripping upgrade to higher pack & your problem will solve i upgraded to 96kbps pack but problem was same. after so many tries i was told that there is 100mb limit after that speed will trip to 28kbps by sify's point of view this was done to prevent misuse of package?
I was not happy but was had no options. i never shutdown the pc download was non stop after tripping also. 1 day i noticed speed was not tripping after 100mb i was happy called cc & asked them about this & you can't even think the answer i was served with " sir we never had the limits on the unltd packs" i kept downloading renewed my account on 6th april i checked my account 10 days back and i was shocked 8 days from my account were gone called cc they told me that if my download is more than 150mb per day 1 day will be deducted. I was never told about this limit again i was cheated.
I asked for new username & my cto asked for rs1000 for the username.


WellIts simpleThe 150MB limit that SUDDENLY just comes up, it is soo pathetic, i never would have started with SIFY if this was there from the startThey just simply fool us, they call it unlimited, its such a joke!I dont use nightpacks but i agree that it is also pathetic that they dont give support at nightactually, I would like to see my installation money refunded so i can peacefully kick this cap connection out of my house!


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- their network structure (NAT) doesn't allow you to put FTP servers...nor do you get unique IP address, it's as good as working behind a's been already 2 months i talked to them regarding setting up of FTP servers and it's not been solved as yet and no one bothered to get back in touch with me as well...- no matter which unlimited pack u're using, there is a speed cap...after certain amount of download you're speed will go down and all the CC guys accept this when this is not written anywhere...- even you don't get the commited speed with the limited packs...


In my experience the way Sify distributes its connection at the last mile through CTOs degrades the service to a great extent. Most of these CTOs aren't bothered about service, attending to your complaints, they are indifferent and they do arbitrary things like blocking your net access or charging substantial extra amounts as maintenance. And they always lay the blame on Sify, they pass the buck. So there is a multiple point of control on Sify, a subscriber is supposed to get tossed around between the pathetic CTOs and Sify.For me the biggest complaint is regarding the apathetic CTOs who see to it that a Sify connection has the worst quality of all the internet connections out there.