Rumor: Google to stop Nexus brand in 2015?



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So true, a friend (socrates) used a url shortner on a link as it was too long & he got banned for some days w/o even a warning/email/pm because it happened to be a site on the admin's blacklist. :poop: Result we lost a good/knowledgeable poster. :( who now has not bothered to come back. :pissed-off: Couple of days ago I posted a article about a mobile phone exploding in India, this thread was removed even though that link did not come from a banned site/url, I guess you are lucky that your threads started by you are allowed to exist. :)
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whoru007 said:
Ideally Google should only focus on making softwares (Android here), treat everyone in the alliance equally.
Well. Google does not really manufacture phones. Motorola was making phones sure but the software was being managed by the Motorola people and not Google. Moto G became the first phone recently to get direct support from Google with the launch of Play Edition.If Google had not launched the Nexus program, I am not sure how we would have enjoyed the new versions of Android at all. Google launching the update on all Google Play Edition devices in one go? Could be interesting.Google Play Editions look like a good compromise but bad news for someone like me because well... Nexus devices usually have simplicity that is missing from regular phones from the manufacturers.