Adobe to acquire Macromedia


Shares in Macromedia have risen 10% on news its US rival Adobe is to buy it for $3.4bn (£1.8bn) and integrate its software with its own. The agreement marks the latest move in the consolidation of the software industry.

In December Symantec agreed to buy Veritas in a $13.5bn deal. Under the terms of the acquisition, US-based Macromedia's shareholders will own 18% of the combined business. It will be run by Adobe's chief executive, Bruce Chizen. With the addition of Macromedia's products - which include computer animation, and Dreamweaver and Flash web-design software, for use on the internet and mobiles - Adobe hopes to meet the need from businesses for more integrated software.

Some analysts see Adobe's move as designed to strengthen its position against Microsoft, which is working on software that could challenge Adobe's Acrobat document display software.
New source: BBC News[/b]

Adobe is eating up Macromedia :huh:

This raises many questions.

What will be the fate of the industry standard tools for developing rich and interactive content for the web namely Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and FreeHand ? (not to mention Macromedia's wide range of other authoring and collaboration software)

Customers are calling for integrated software solutions that enable them to create, manage and deliver... compelling content.

Bruce Chizen, chief executive of Adobe[/b]

Combined development ? Integration of software ? PDF + Flash ?

The "positive" aspect of this consolidation could be that if Adobe's and Macromedia's cultures meld well, they could present Microsoft with significant competition in the office-document creation software market.

Go here to read about what might go down in history as a horrible incident:


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better integration of photoshop and dreamweaver would be good for people working for web. not many uses fireworks.