How To Restrict Speed?


MTNL Xpress Non-combo 650 Unltd.
Now that MTNL has upgraded speeds up to 2 Mbps, I have found that my download limit is going very fast. Now, just casual surfing for 10-15 mins leads to a reduction of 5-10 MB from my limit, whereas, earlier, on 256 Kbps, it would be only a couple of MBs. I was therefore wondering whether it is possible to find some software that would allow me to throttle my speed to 256 kbps in the daytime (or which ever time/speed I choose). I dont mind surfing at 256 kbps, though obviously, I would like to download at the max speed possible. Is it possible to restrict the surfing speed, while letting the download speed remain constant? Alternatively, is there any software that would let me restrict the speed at whatever time I choose? I would like to get 256kbps in daytime and 2 Mbps at nite.I would have searched for this, but I dont know what to search for.


have to search yaar.. but i don't think there is any software which restricts internet speed will get u know as soon as i get the information