About warranty on the ADSL modem


I guess BSNL would be providing some kind of warranty on the modem in case of outright purchase (I guess it would be lifetime for rented ones). Did anyone hear anything about the terms and conditions e.g. how long would the warranty remain valid and whether they would replace the modem in case it gets fried by line surge or breaks after falling down etc.?Another question, are there other providers already providing ADSL based service or contemplating to do so in the future? Since I have opted for outright purchase, I'd have to remain tied to BSNL even if the service becomes miserable in the near future if there are no other providers offering ADSL service where I can utilise the modem.


With that thought in my mind, I had opted for my own modem. Using D-Link 502T ADSL Router. It just works as fine and costs 2500 only !I hope that in near future many would follow BSNL and use ADSL to deliver broadband. There are no good providers using ADSL as far as I know except BSNL.