Tata DOCOMO Wired Broadband - My Experience


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Thanks for sharing your experience. i am also like to change tata docomo wired line connection


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To all those who are thinking of going for Tata Docomo wired broadband, hopefully I can address some of your concerns.
I was so far using Tata Indicom Broadband with a monthly plan of Rs 1800 for 1 Mbps unltd.One day while browsing I came across the plans offered by Tata Docomo which sounded too good to be true.I immediately called the Tata Docomo customer care and opted for a new connection. After a bit of follow up, my connection was installed within a week.Here's my experience so far:
I opted for the 8Mbps (160 GB FUP) plan for Rs 1500 p.m. At the time of installation, the engineer admitted that even though the plan says 8 Mbps, users generally get between 5-7Mbps. A quick speed test proved this statment to be true.I appreciate this kind of honesty upfront rather than the smooth talking executives who cheat customers on the pretext of false promises.
Its been 2 weeks since I had the connection and the overall experience has been pretty good. There have been almost no downtimes and the speeds stay withing the promised range, in fact of late I have sometimes observed the speed hover around the 7.5 Mbps mark.Installation charges are about Rs 1200 and they give a wi-fi router free of cost.
My suggestion to anyone who is looking to switch- go for it!
They don't have any technical service. I am getting upload speed of 0.03 Mbps . When I call their customer support they just provide me with a Ticket number and thats it.After that nothing happens.I have decided to terminate my connection. My suggestion is don't go for tata Docomo

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