Help Needed


New Delhi
I got Tata Sky on my pc also....So I need help in making it work correctly...Currently I am using antenna option on my tv tuner software and using RF out option on my STB to connect to the RF in of tv tuner card...I am getting both video and sound using tht....But I have got another lead with STB.... it has red, yellow and white points on both side...I want to use tht lead to connect my TV tuner card and STB... Here is the Image of my tv tuner slots...

Now when I put one yellow point in my STB and other yellow in Tv tuner card.... I am getting picture when I select "composite" source from my tv tuner software but there is no sound... I know the sound will come with red and white points.... I have no slots to enter those red and white points in my tv tuner card... So any idea how to get sounf using tht lead....The reason for using tht is cos I heard we get better picture and sound quality using tht audio-video lead...

Also there is no audio-in port in my tv tuner card as shown in image....There is just one audio-out and in which i have entered a lead and other end to my line-in on my soundcard...