My diet plan


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Mumbai, India
I was very fat, still fat, but have reduced a lot of weight.
Not much of physical exercise. Pure dieting, along with some occasional cricket and table-tennis I play as a hobby.
This is the diet plan I follow since the past few months and it's really working for me. One of my college professors asked for the plan, I just mailed it to him and thought that it would be a good idea to share it here.
Note that this has worked for me. It may or may not work for you. This diet plan may not be the best plan, or not even completely correct, but this is the one that has worked perfectly for me. All you people who are looking forward to shed some kilos, do give this plan a shot, it's worth it.
The Diet Plan:
Early morning (empty stomach, immediately after you wake up) - A glass of hot/lukeworm water with honey and lemon
Breakfast (strictly after bath) - A glass of milk with Britannia 5 grain biscuits or Marie Digestive (3-4 biscuits) with a banana/boiled egg/egg omelet
2-3 hours after breakfast - Fruits (avoid Chikoos and Bananas here). Apples recommended.
Lunch - Salad comprising of Cucumber and/or Tomatoes. 2 Chapatis without ghee and any traditional 'sabzi' or Dal. Have sprouts at least twice a week.
Evening snacks - A glass full of milk or a vegetable soup with some salad
Dinner (try to have dinner before 8:30pm) - Again 2 chapatis without ghee with any traditional 'sabzi' or Dal.

[*]Avoid fried food items completely
[*]Avoid cheese, butter, and sweets (basically sugar) as much as possible)
[*]Drink lots of water
[*]Don't drink water within 30 minutes of having breakfast/lunch/dinner
[*]Avoid eating at unusual times
[*]Avoid drinking cold water
[*]Avoid rice as much as possible