Bsnl New Year Plans Announced


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The company release said that:

Till now the minimum bandwidth available to broadband customers was 256 Kbps. BSNL has now decided that all the Home and Business Plans will offer data rates up to 2 Mbps, subject to technical feasibility.
Further, the downloading limits in Home 250 and Business 700 plans have been enhanced to 1 GB and 4 GB from 400 MB and 2 GB, respectively. The limits in other plans have been suitably enhanced. With the increase in downloading limit, a Plan 250 customer will get a benefit of Rs 840 per month for 1 GB limit and Business Plan 700 customer will get a benefit of Rs 2400 per month for limits up to 4GB.
BSNL has also decided to bring down the per MB downloading rates from 1.40 per MB to Rs.0.90 per MB in Home 250 plan and the rates have also been lowered in other plans.
BSNL has also decided to reduce the fixed monthly charges from ADSL modems from Rs 100 to Rs 60 per month which would benefit about 800,000 customer of BSNL. The reduction is applicable with effect from December 1, 2006.


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