Increase Of Speed & Download Limit


Just today Morning saw in the Newspaper that MTNL has decided to increase speed of all its 256Kbps connections to 1Mbps from BSNL. This follows the BSNL proposal that it may increase the minimum speed to 1Mbps. This makes me wonder. Do they need to upgrade their hardware and/or software to accomodate higher speeds.If they already had the hardware to support higher speeds, how do they limit the speeds.I know that the speed depends on the USER/Username. I would like to know how they do that. I have no idea how can they limit the speed of one user and have a higher speed for another. I mean, if I know the username/password for the user having higher speed, I can login using the same hardware/software from my side. How does the system distinguish between different users. Provided I use the same channel to the ISP. I myself work in IT field. But have no idea how they do this.Does anyone know how they do it ?. I know we can limit the upload/download by using quotas. But speed is something very different and depending on a particular user, not the channel, is very fascinating.ricc


BSNL Dataone
Google bandwidth throttling, and btw you didnt have to start a new thread , u could have posted it in already existing threads.Jay