Frequent Disconnections for MTNL wired broadband (TriBand) -- Problem Solved


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I have recently got connection from MTNL Mumbai for home use. It was running fine for a day and then the story begins.
After 2nd day, my modem started resetting abruptly between 2 to 5 minutes duration. I wait patiently for 2 days trying to understand why it is happening without raising any complaint to MTNL. As my line was having no Noise and disturbance, I was having doubt on modem but all my efforts to figure out the problems failed. Soon I found that WiFi in my modem is messed up and something is not right about it. All the time I was trying on wifi and didn't tried ethernet cable given by MTNL. As soon as I switched off wifi using small button in front of modem and plugged into ethernet all disconnections stopped. As I am writing now since last 4 hours I had no discussion.
Of course now I have to buy a wifi router to make my internet more useful around my house which is extra burden for my pocket, still I am happy to find the problem finally. Sharing this for all the friends facing similar issues.
Any help to correct wifi problem in my model is appreciable. Regards.


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Why dont u just get a replacement router frm MTNL itself if u got it frm them.......
Also we need details abt the router to help u......