Tata indicom Photon Postpaid cheated

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Tata indicom
I was been cheated by some fraud agency , Mr Pramod Kumar(Email id where I communicated: [email protected], Phone: 9231969572 ) who claimed to be a tata indicom general manager and asked for prepaid to postpaid migration with an exciting offer.

Since I am a continuous tata photon user and is using for last 4.5 years without any issues, I was excited to find such plan.

After that when After so many request also the person didnot activate my postpaid plan and my prepaid balance was also over, i recharged with 1500 for 3 months. Suddenly one day my plan got migrated to postpaid without asking me and after that i a facing so many issues with the docomo, and i lost my 1500 Rs prepaid balance also.

I went to kolkata ultadanga office to meet the customer care executive after calling continuous 3-4 days and not getting any reply over phone.
The CC executive in Ulatandanga office also misbehaved a lot with my utter surpise instead of helping me in activating the account and unblocking me from my issue.

I am a software professional and my work was getting hampered badly with this, but no help from the CC folks.
There i got to know its 650 Rs plan they have activated where as i was been informed and communicated with 500 Rs plan for unlimited while taking the connection.

Mr. Utpal Nandy , from CC executive thrown my phone also when i asked him to talk to the inidicom person with whom i dealt with throught out.

Am cheated with money, surprised with misbehave.
as being a regular tata photon user., didnt expect this kind of response from your organization.

Waiting for an action from your side since i am feeling helpless as an end user, suffered for last 15 days with many ways , hampered my work in many ways.

Now everyday they are calling me to pay the remaining account, where as when i called up atleast 50 times a day, and visited customer care, no one bothered to pay attention.
very hghly disappinted with Tata photon,
and dont be fool like me to get excited with post paid plans, they cheats.
Sent mail to appellate for 5 times, no reply.
always getting auto reply,
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]"Dear Customer,[/font][/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]Thank you for writing to [/font][/SIZE][font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]TATA[/font] [/SIZE][font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]DOCOMO[/font][/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]This is with reference to your email dated 16th Aug’13 regarding your Tata[/font] Photon[/SIZE] Connection.
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]We at Tata[/font] DOCOMO, use stringent measurement and control applications to ensure that the service you receive is error-free. At the same time, we value your feedback, as it helps us to provide you with unmatched services.[/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]We request you to share your TATA[/font] Photon[/SIZE] number so that we can resolve your concern at earliest.
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]Assuring you the best of our services at all times.[/font][/SIZE]

[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]Warm Regards, [/font][/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]Uma Roychowdhury[/font][/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]Appellate Authority Secretary[/font][/SIZE]
[font="'bookman old style'"][SIZE=10pt]TATA[/font] DOCOMO | Kolkata"[/SIZE]

Highly disappointed with Tata photon service.
now even with prepair hardly the speed reaches 10 Kbps!!!!
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