2G plan by mobile companies


idea airtel vodafone moving backwards keeps on increasing 2G prices to increase traffic over 3G but they are not getting results....They are screwing all citizens.....How their costs increases while the bandwidth rates are decreasing year on year..they must be summoned by court...


Now Visible in NCR ;)
ofcourse, A friend also said, he had some postpay plan on Voda, which got him 1GB free data + free calls etc @ 399, when he went to subscribe the
same for his wife's number, they say its no longer a GB free in it, He came back yelling, I think they are walking towards stone age.
Today Itself Airtel Deducted my almost Rs.35 talktime, and that too even when I had 2G pack active with balance remaining.
How on earth they are allowed to deduct balance when I had bandwidth balance left, and once my talktime balance went down,(cause they sucked it all)
they didn't let me connect even.

I am sure they must be paying huge bribe to ignore all their complaints somewhere, cause keep allowing a operator with such policies is certainly
not a fair game and not in the interest of public.