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:) Dear Members,Please enlighten me about POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP servers. By going through the literature I was able to get POP3 access for all my mails in dataone.in to e-mail client. However, I am not able to send it. whether POP 3 is of much use for broadband.In other case I tried to get all my e-mails in rediff id to e-mail client i.e Windows Outlook Express through POP3. But did not succeed. Partly the reason for it is POP3 service from rediff is a paid service and I am yet to pay for it. While downloading the facility from rediff the process halted saying something about proxy settings / fire wall. Members may please throw light on the above.With thanks,NS


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pop is to recieve mails.smtp is to send mails.imap is to recieve mails which technically syncronize the mails with the server.http is used by special services like hotmail...i would recommend to go to wikipedia to read more on them.to check pop and smtp, u can use ur gmail account if you have it. to check imap mail u can use fastmail.fm service...hotmail through http is free?? i am not sure. i use windows live mail client. that works fine for hotmail...