Cas Rollout In The Metros

first up, i think we also need a subforum for CAS in here, so MODs please consider.coming to the issue of CAS, given that its going to be fully rolled out from the 1st of January 2007, how many of you have been approached yet by your cable guy? i mean are they trying to get in touch with you ppl regarding set top boxes, schemes, subscriptions etc?at my end, the cable operator said that he'll be coming to me around the 22nd of this month, regarding all the stuff that there is about probably when our respective cablewallahs would be approaching us, they would prolly give us a choice about choosing a set top box. and that is the prime concern IF i get that choice, what stb should i go for? i mean If Humax, Thomson etc figure on his list then which one would you guys recommend?and what all do i need to be careful about... :unsure: PS:-mods please move this topic to an appropriate subforum/section :)


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@OPYou won't be offered choice like Tata Sky do!! atleast in earlier days and i don't think they would be offering nice STB brands like thomson etc but just the plain chineese crap.It would be best to stay away from STB for first few months till then the situation becomes more clear however if you can't live without these pay channels then try to rent the box with lowest deposit plan(i think 250Rs deposit with 45Rs monthly rental as prscribed by TRAI ) so that you could change in future without a torture of Cabelwallah.


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its compulsory from what i see. getting a stb on rental is the best option considering these are chinese crap and would get freaked out pretty regularly...
^ oops, sorry..
i dont have the actual pamphlet in my hands at this hour, but as i found out, all it says is THIS, but in hindi ofcourse. i've verified it, its an absolute translation. The pamphlet even had th logos of hathway and Win Cable.


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I've got two pamphlets lying with me. One of them is the Hathway posted above. It also came along with a complete list of channels. As expected, all the pay channels are priced at 5 bucks irrespective of their current tariffs. So we have a situation where both ESPN and ETV Bihar cost the same :l

They had setup a demo and the set top box was a Humax one and the picture quality though decent, was not on par with Tata Sky. I just browsed through their site and it's clearly mentioned "MPEG quality picture with digital stereophonic sound; so atleast they're honest about it and not claiming to offer 'DVD Quality Picture' like the others...i'll give them that.

I picked around 30 pay channels from the list(interestingly NDTV, MTV, BBC and a couple of others are categorised as pay channels which am not too sure about) along with the 30 odd FTA channel package which is compulsory. So,

Pay channels (30 X 5) = 150
FTA Package = 72
STB rent = 45 (i chose the 250 bucks initial deposit scheme)
Service Tax (12%)- 222 X 12/100 = 32

Total Cost per month = Rs 299.00

Compare that to 200 bucks/month (2400 annually in advance) am currently paying for all the channels. So in actual fact am gonna be forced to fork out more for less....figures, considering the majority of the so called initiatives taken by the government defy logic. And i left out atleast 10 hindi film/soap channels which my mom will almost certainly add to the selection. For now, am just waiting to see how TataSky responds and then take a decision. And i won't be surprised if CAS bombs again and is put on the backburner for another couple of years.